London Mayor launches new Recycling Campaign

May 31, 2010

Mayor of London Boris Johnson on the 12th May 2011 launched a new Recycle for London campaign aimed at highlighting the amount of money the city can save from increased recycling.

The initiative intends to build on the £30 million that Londoners saved in 2010 through increased recycling and sending less material to landfill. The Recycle for London campaign also aims to highlight that increased recycling efforts could help save as much as £320 million by 2015.

Centering on thanking Londoners for increasing recycling, the Recycle for London campaign will also indicate that 80% of the average household bin could still be recycled.

The latest Recycle for London campaign is endorsed by Magic FM DJ Neil Fox and will feature on sites across the capital’s transport network. This is alongside a revamped Recycle for London website, which has been redesigned to aid residents in being aware of what can be recycled in their borough.

At present, all 33 of London’s boroughs provide collection for plastic bottles, newspapers and cans, while there is a wide array of different services and targeted material from local authority to local authority.

Launching the campaign, Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “Recycling our waste material makes sound economic as well as environmental sense. This fantastic new campaign brings home the simple but powerful message that every item recycled rather than binned, collectively saves the city big bucks.”

Also commenting on the launch, DJ Neil Fox said: “I have to admit that although myself and the Fox family are trying to lead greener lives, I had wondered just how cost-effective recycling really was. Having seen the facts and figures I am staggered at how much cash we as a city could save by recycling more.” And, the Mayor’s newly-appointed environment director, Kulveer Ranger, added: “I try to recycle everything I can from home, including dropping off clothes hangers back to the dry cleaners, but a quick go on Recycle for London’s easy postcode search showed me that I can even recycle aerosols.

“Most of us are unaware just how many different objects can be recycled and this campaign offers a great way to find out how you can do more.”

The Recycle for London campaign was one of the early beneficiaries of the London Waste and Recycling Board funding initiative. It was first granted £1.5 million in September 2008 and then awarded a further £5 million in December 2009 to deliver the scheme for the next three years.