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What is E Waste?

E Waste or electronic and electrical waste refers to old equipment coming to the end of it’s useful life. That doesn’t mean that this type of waste is completely redundant however, much of it can be reused or recycled.

The WEEE Directive explains how all of this type of waste needs to be dealt with, it’s simply not acceptable for it to go straight to landfill. You can find out more about the WEEE Directive here. Do be assured, that Recycling Your IT have all the necessary insurance, certifications and licenses to be able to deal with E Waste correctly. [Read more →]

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How to Securely Wipe Your Data from Your Old PC

In an age where identity theft is on the rise, most computer owners don’t want to make it easy for hackers to gain access to their files. Yet they regularly make the mistake of selling or discarding an old PC without effectively wiping the data off of the hard drive, and this can mean that computer techs can easily get access to that data, and read it. [Read more →]

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What to do with old IT Equipment when you buy new!

Each year in the UK, close to a million tonnes of electronic equipment is thrown away. Much of this comes from companies replacing their old IT equipment, and simply disposing of the unwanted devices into a skip. [Read more →]

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How to Recycle Paper after Document Shredding

Businesses are always being urged to increase the percentage of their stationery which is recycled, but shredded documents cannot always be accepted by recycling companies. [Read more →]

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Clearing data before recycling IT equipment

Protecting personal data has become a priority for many companies, with the risk of hacking and identity theft at an all-time high. Most companies take sensible steps to protect their data when it is in their IT system, but they can overlook the importance of removing that data once the IT is no longer needed. [Read more →]

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IT for Business – Get Blogging

Love it or hate it, no modern business can survive without IT. Prior to IT when the majority of the world was largely “offline” one of the keys to business success was location – not any more. The key to business success these days in the very much “online” world is traffic – a stream of visitors to your website or blog. [Read more →]

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Old Office IT Equipment Recycling

There are companies that will take your old office IT equipment and put it to good use by reselling it, or by taking the different components apart and selling them to manufacturers. Therefore, instead of throwing away your equipment you may be able to get a bit of cash for it, and if you have a lot of equipment to get rid of then that bit of extra cash can add up to be a significant sum of money. [Read more →]

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Why Recycling IT Waste is Important

Companies and businesses regularly upgrade their IT equipment, including buying new computers, accessories and even network hubs. The majority of these companies do not retain their old equipment, but they are finding it increasingly hard to dispose of it thanks to stricter EU laws which prevent the throwing away of electrical or electronic devices into landfills. [Read more →]

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Recycling Your Old Office IT Equipment

All modern businesses rely on electronic equipment to succeed and prosper – from computers to scanners and printers to copiers the modern office is packed with electronic wizardry. Many people find the problems arise when some of their office IT equipment needs to be replaced. They don’t always know the best way to deal with it or what they can do with it. [Read more →]

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IT Recycling – Why People Don’t Do It

An increasing number of things can be recycled these days, and though we all know that we really ought to recycle wherever possible there are still plenty of people who don’t do it.

Let’s look at the reasons why some people don’t recycle – and why they really ought to. [Read more →]

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