Recycling Your Mobile Phone

May 27, 2010

Recycling your mobile phone is just as important as recycling your computer. Just think of all the people around the world that upgrade their mobile phones every year. It makes you wonder what happens to the old mobile phones.

There are many mobile phone companies that offer perks to recycle your phone with them. Some offer you cash or maybe even a discount towards the purchase of a new mobile phone. But do you realise that recycling your phone with a mobile phone company may actually put you at risk?

With the technological capabilities of today’s mobile phone you can pretty much do any and everything. Mobile phones are really tiny versions of a computer. You can access the internet from your phone as well as many other functions that you would use a computer for. The important thing to understand is how much of your information is stored on the mobile phone.

Anything you access from your mobile phone can be stored in the phone’s memory. Your passwords, contacts, email addresses, and all other types of personal data. So, you may want to think twice before you recycle through your mobile phone company.

There are alternatives that can help you protect your personal data and still enable you to recycle your mobile phone. Recycling Your IT is a company that offers to recycle your mobile phone while making sure your data is safe. They shred the phone so that it is still able to be recycled.

At the same time your personal data is completely destroyed and cannot be retrieved by anyone. Although you will not get cash or discounts for recycling with this company you will have peace of mind knowing your mobile phone has been safely recycled.