Environmental Policy

We recognise that our activities have a direct and an indirect affect on the environment. We are therefore committed to reducing any harm this may cause and to work to improve practices within our industry Environmental%20Waste%20Recyclingto this end.

Our environmental policy is to constantly look for ways in which we can improve our operating procedures. We are achieving this through continuous improvement.

Our green strategy is constantly monitored to achieve:

  • Minimum wastage to land fill
  • Minimum wasted miles
  • Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

What we are doing:

  • Where ever possible, any equipment we collect is re-marketed
  • Any equipment that is not re-useable or repairable is passed on to specialist raw material recycler
  • Our collections are carefully planned to minimise the total distance travelled
  • Our staff drive at optimum speed to aid less fuel consumption
  • We work with other operators who believe in our policies
  • We re-use or recycle all of our incoming packaging materials
  • We minimise our use of paper. Our increased use of email and internet greatly reduces hard copies
  • We ensure that any new projects and purchases are considered for their environmentally impact
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