Asset Tracking Service

End-of-Life IT Asset Management

Asset Tracking computers

When IT assets need to be taken out of service from any enterprise, they will move through various disposal processes. Asset Tracking is part of this process. Commonly they are handed over to a secure IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) provider to be recycled, reused or destroyed. These assets need to be managed effectively through these processes to ensure they do not get lost or compromised prior to reaching that provider and onward processing.

It is therefore important to have your chosen expert available to advise at the early stages of decommissioning. Tracking assets that are going out of service should be approached with the same care, efficiency and security as when those same assets were in service. Every business has a corporate and social responsibility to dispose of e-waste ethically to ensure a healthier environment, and securely, to ensure business continuity.

At Recycling Your IT we offer a robust and comprehensive recording and reporting system to meet your legal and business requirements.

We will take your asset list, or alternatively we can provide an audit on your site. An additional decommissioning service can also be offered. We will then collect the items from your site and return them to our secure warehouse. We use bar code scanners to record incoming assets onto our internal systems, where they are then tracked for data eradication, and onward processing. This will include details against agreed criteria, and can include any faults, remarketing, charitable donations, residual value, etc.Asset management tracking device

Data Eradication

This is done in one of two ways; we either use approved 3rd party software to overwrite the data to the appropriate government standards, or we shred the drives to a size which again, meets the appropriate government standards.

We maintain high levels of security throughout, ensuring certified and accredited standards. Certification and all appropriate paperwork is provided to ensure piece of mind and compliance with your management systems.

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We can also provide data eradication on customer retained equipment, such as lease returns, or hardware repurposing.

Asset Tracking Reporting

For clients that take the full asset tracking package a periodic statement is available listing sales, costs, and associated financial returns.

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