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students using IT in Education

IT Recycling for Universities and Colleges

Nowadays universities and colleges are under more pressure than ever before to keep their data safe and protect the privacy of their students. At the same time, they also need to ensure that they are using up-to-date

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The Bank of England

IT Equipment use in Banks and Finance Companies

IT is used extensively in the banking and financial sectors in the UK. Banks use IT systems to manage their finances, process transactions, and keep track of customers’ accounts. Financial institutions also use IT

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have a more eco friendly business

How Can My Business Be More Eco Friendly?

As more and more businesses across the UK have embraced the idea of recycling and reusing in innovating and exciting ways, the whole industry has changed to reflect that. Most businesses are highly interested in taking

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e-waste to be recycled

What Does E-waste Include?

Several electronic products last for a long time but may eventually be replaced. At that stage, they’re described as e-waste, an informal term for electronic equipment used by individuals and businesses. Such items

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Socially responsible business

Why Being Socially Responsible is Good for Business

Social Responsibility is a phrase that has been around in the business world for some time. It basically means that companies are socially responsible if they weigh up profits with ensuring they don’t negatively

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