Replacing and Recycling IT Equipment to save money

June 11, 2018   No Comments

recycling IT to save moneyYou may be continuing to use outdated IT equipment in the mistaken belief that this is saving your business money, but this is not necessarily the case. By replacing and recycling your old hardware at sensible intervals you could actually save more money than by hanging on to it.

The new GDPR legislation and what it means for data storage

May 3, 2018   No Comments

GDPR legislationThe EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in European Union law that was adopted in April 2016 and will become enforceable from May 2018 following a transition period of two years. It addresses data protection and the privacy of individuals within the EU and the export of their personal data outside the EU.

Being Socially Responsible is a Win-Win

March 2, 2018   No Comments

being socially responsibleSocial responsibility for businesses refers to companies balancing their profit-making activities with actions that also benefit society. It is becoming critical for businesses to develop a positive relationship within society and within their environment, with these factors being increasingly used as a measure of overall performance.

Concerns that the UK won’t hit WEEE Recycling Targets

January 25, 2018   No Comments

items for WEEE RecyclingAs worries increase that the UK might fall short of recycling targets for WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment), treatment plant operators are proposing that the main reason for the shortfall is the way WEEE is classified by regulators. They suggest that the 2017 recycling rates are below what was expected because of differences in how regulators are defining and recording waste equipment and due to illegal exports.

How to protect your Mobile Phone Data

November 20, 2017   No Comments

Mobile Phone Data SecurityWith new mobile phones regularly being released, boasting new features and better performance, it’s hardly surprising that consumers are replacing their phones more and more frequently. It’s important to bear in mind though, that smartphones are now pocket sized computers rather than just phones and hold a lot of information about the owner.

Protecting your business against Identity Theft

October 23, 2017   No Comments

identity theftAccording to UK fraud prevention group, Cifas, identity theft is on the rise and reaching epidemic levels. It’s becoming more important than ever to do as much as you can to guard against identity theft, whether you’re an individual or a business.

What happens to your IT Equipment once its collected for Recycling?

July 28, 2017   No Comments

IT equipment recyclingWe all know that IT equipment should be recycled and that it is in fact the law that we do so, but many of you might be wondering what actually happens to it afterwards. Here’s a quick peek at what takes place once we take your IT equipment off for recycling.

We have a strict policy that none of the waste we collect goes to landfill sites and IT equipment is no exception.

Cyber-Security – The Basics

June 6, 2017   No Comments

virus attacking a computer Even if you only pay the most cursory attention to the news, you’re going to have heard of the recent WannaCry cyber-attack. Hitting NHS IT systems, governmental computers and other high profile targets, the attack is estimated to have affected more than 200,000 computers in over 150 countries worldwide.

That makes it one of the widest ranging cyber-attacks ever, but it is an unfortunate fact that it is unlikely to be the last of its kind.

A Quick Guide to the Current Legislation Regarding IT Recycling

May 10, 2017   No Comments

WEEE waste in a pileThere is hardly a household or a business today that isn’t simply chock full of IT equipment of one form or another. What’s more, the rapid rate of technological development in the world of IT means that equipment is replaced at far more regular intervals than it ever has been before. What that means, in turn, is that there is far more IT waste generated today in the form of old equipment that must be disposed of.

A Simple Guide to WEEE Recycling

April 9, 2017   No Comments

computer being thrown away It is estimated that around 2 million tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is discarded every year in the UK alone. Due to the fact that such equipment often contains elements and components that are harmful to the environment or to humans, there are strict and complex laws now in place regarding its disposal.