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Based in Essex, we provide IT Asset Disposal services throughout the UK to businesses of all sizes, ensuring that your retired IT assets are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner while maintaining the highest level of security and compliance. Our processes adhere to industry standards such as the WEEE directive and GDPR, and we follow best practices for data destruction and asset disposal. At Recycling Your IT, we understand the importance of proper IT asset disposal and strive to make the process easy and worry-free for our clients. We provide complete traceability of assets, secure data destruction, and documented proof for legal compliance, giving you peace of mind and assurance that your sensitive information is protected.

Our ITAD Process

IT asset disposal refers to the process of securely disposing of obsolete or end-of-life IT equipment, such as computers, laptops, and servers. There are several reasons why secure IT asset disposal is important:

  1. Data security: IT asset disposal ensures that sensitive data is securely erased or destroyed, preventing unauthorised access and potential data breaches.
  2. Cost savings: Proper disposal can result in cost savings by recovering value from retired assets through remarketing or recycling.
  3. Environmental protection: Responsible disposal practices promote sustainability by reducing e-waste and minimising the demand for new raw materials.

Technology Repurposing

Whenever you have an IT asset disposal requirement, please contact us to discuss your needs. We will send one of our tracked vehicles from our extensive fleet to collect your retired IT assets from your office. They will be transported to our national distribution centre in Essex where our team of experts will assess their condition and determine the best course of action. We prioritise reuse whenever possible. For assets that cannot be repurposed, we responsibly dispose of them through a careful breakdown into raw materials, which are then sent to be recycled by specialists in the field.

Certified & Accredited Service

When it comes to any sort of IT Asset Disposal – be that computer disposal, monitor disposal, server disposal or network equipment disposal, Recycling Your IT are the go-to experts and we will provide you with the appropriate Environment Agency paperwork. We offer “proof of destruction” to show that all sensitive data wiped from the hard drives is done so correctly, we will provide you with certificates that verify it has been done.

Our IT Asset Disposal / Recycling processes are absolutely safe and eco-friendly. So go ahead and make a difference! Let Recycling Your IT take on your IT Equipment disposal requirements right away!.

Our IT Disposal Process

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We have found the collection process to be both simple and flexible and are looking forward to continuing the relationship into the future.

– Ipswich Borough Council


We are very pleased with the service you have provided us, and will recommend your company to whom it may be of interest.

– XGlobe Online LTD


I found Recycling Your IT to be extremely easy to do business with.

– IGF Group


Recycle your IT have constantly stepped up to the challenges and supported our needs with 100% efficiency and have never fallen short of their promise.

– Crown Workplace

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