Data Destruction Services

Data Destruction Services
You are planning to recycle your laptops, Mobile Phones and PCs, but worried about the plight of your precious and confidential Data destruction at workdata in the hard drive? Recycling Your IT can take care of all your data related worries! Our Data Wipe or Destruction services ensure complete security for your data.

Our Data Destruction Services securely erase your disk so that the hard drive can be reused or disposed of with the knowledge that the data cannot be recovered.

Why Data Destruction?

Some people think by hitting the hard drive with a hammer or some other form of instrument, they can destroy the data inside. There is a risk involved when your machine goes to recycling contains confidential data such as Photos, Letters, Credit card numbers, Passwords, Customer lists, Contracts etc.

The 1998 Data Protection Act regulation stipulates that any personal information must be destroyed under secure conditions in order to avoid them falling in malicious hands. Data destruction or data wipe services protect the privacy of your customers and also help you prevent identity theft.

We offer Secure Data Destruction Services

We guarantee the complete destruction of data by either wiping the hard drive with a specialist piece of software which eradicates the data to US Government defense standards or by shredding the hard drive through a commercial shredding machine making sure it comes out in chunks of 1cm or less.

We will wipe off computer disks, tapes and other storage media in line with the WEEE Directive. We also provide a certificate of destruction, data protection and insurance records. Any hard drives that are 80 GB or more in size do have a reuse value and therefore, we would prefer to wipe rather than destroy as this is better for the environment. However, it is at the customers’ discretion.

Obviously data security in these current times is of absolute importance and therefore if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to either email us or contact one of our data cleansing specialists.

Call us today on 01279 215000 to find out how we can help you dispose of your IT equipment in a socially responsible way.

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