How to Recycle Computers

How to recycle computers is something most of will have to consider at some point in time. You probably either have a computer in your home that you never use anymore or it’s likely that you will be buying a new computer in the near future to replace an outdated one. Either way, when it comes to getting rid of your computer, it’s vital that you recycle it rather than just throw it away with the rest of your garbage.  Many people simply take their old PC to the tip because they do not know how to recycle it.

Reasons to know how to recycle computers

  • Your computer may be useful to someone who is less well off than you.
  • The parts used in your old computer can be reused to build new computers.
  • There are a lot of toxins in computers and if you don’t know how to recycle computers properly they can be released into the environment.

How to recycle computers – first step

When getting rid of your old computer, it’s not a case of simply putting it in the right bin at the tip. Knowing how to recycle computers will benefit you as well as the environment.

The first thing you have to do when recycling your computer is make sure there is no information on it that could be exploited by others. Using a computer recycling company is the best way to ensure that your data is completely removed, otherwise you will need to do the best you can yourself.  The last thing you want is for somebody to get a hold of your computer and steal your identity.  You will probably have private files and documents that you don’t want anybody to see.

How to recycle computers – second step

how to recycle computersThe next step involves finding somewhere that knows how to recycle computers properly. As mentioned before, by using an experienced computer recycling company, you can have your data completely wiped and your hard drive destroyed, but there is more to consider.

You should look for a company who strictly adheres to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. This requires companies to recycle computers in a way that can’t bring any possible threat to the nature or the environment. This can involve sending computers to be reused elsewhere, recycling parts or even melting the computer down in order to reuse the metals.

In cases where your computer is still functional and you simply want a more advanced one, it will often be donated to a worthy cause. There are a lot of non-profit associations who are willing to accept even an older computer. They may give it to a chosen and worthy recipient or upgrade them and sell at discounted price.

The easiest way to ensure that the best use is made of your old computer is to use an IT Disposal company, like Recycling Your IT, who have the relevant experience in how to recycle computers. Then all you need to do is go out and pick your new one!

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