How to Choose an E-waste Recycler in Your Area

The massive amount of electronic waste we have to deal with is terrifying. The only way to deal with it is by effective recycling. Here are a few points that will help you select the best e-waste recycler in your locality:

  • Select an e-waste recycler with necessary licences and certifications
  • Choose a company that offers data destruction services
  • Go for a reputable e-waste recycling company
  • Look for companies that eCycle 90% or more of the e-waste

Select an electronic waste recycler with necessary licences and certifications: When you choose an e -waste recycler, make sure that the one you choose has all the necessary certifications and licences, particularly WEEE certification.

Choose an e-waste recycler that offers data destruction services: It is important to find an e-waste recycler who uses specialist software to wipe off stored data on your old laptops, computers and mobile phones. If your recycler doesn’t offer secure data wiping, your data might end up in malicious hands. A professional service provider will also give you a written certification that the data was wiped or the storage media is destroyed completely.

Go for a reputable e-waste recycling company: It is always recommended you choose a reputable agency as there is an issue of used computers and other electronic equipment are being shipped to developing countries. A professional electronic equipment recycler will keep detailed records of recycling including where they ship materials, how much they ship and serial numbers of items that can be reused.

Look for companies that eCycle 90% or more of the e-waste: e-waste recyclers are supposed to eCycle as much e-waste as possible. So, look for e-waste recyclers who can recycle 90% or more of the materials.

If the company you choose refuses to state their process and business partners, beware of them. They might be doing the task illegally or might not have necessary certifications to carry out the task.

If you are looking for a company with all the above mentioned qualities, Recycling Your IT would be a good option. Our e-waste recycling process is in line with the WEEE directive and we make use of a specialist piece of software to wipe off data to U.S defence standards. We also give you data destruction and other certifications on completion of the job.

Keep these facts in mind and choose an e-waste recycler carefully, so that you don’t have to worry about data breach and other hassles later on.

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