Electronic waste is not just Computers

January 6, 2011

Electronic waste is a term that covers a range of items, not just computers or computer related equipment. E-waste is really anything that has electronic components, including fax machines, copiers, mobile phones, servers and printers.

A lot of e-waste is still very usable when it is replaced by newer equipment. Both businesses and individuals concerned about keeping up to date with technology will often buy newer models while the older ones are still useful. This ‘outdated’ equipment can be put to good use in schools, charities and in the developing world, where they couldn’t otherwise afford it.

When you recycle electronic waste it goes through a process. What can’t be reused is broken down into parts. The parts can be reused in some cases and those that can’t are recycled for their raw materials. This ensures that harmful components and toxins do not end up in landfills, where they can harm the environment through chemical being leached into the earth, and also conserves resources by reusing as not so many are need to be made.

Anything that can’t be used again is recycled or disposed of in a manner that causes no environmental harm. Proper handling of electronic waste is important, and should be left to those who are specialists in the field.

Electronic waste can be very harmful or very useful, depending on how it is dealt with. So before you throw out any of your old electronics or IT equipment, consider what good it could still do, and get it collected for reuse or recycling by a recycling company.