How to Recycle your Old Printers

January 12, 2011

According to the UK Cartridge Re-manufacture Association, over 45 million cartridges are tossed into the UK’s landfills each year, but it’s not just the cartridges that are a problem. Outdated printers, just like old computers and peripherals, come under the category of electronic waste. The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive clearly stipulates that all e-waste should be disposed of properly since they create hazardous environmental issues. To protect the environment and yourself from health risks, you need to ensure proper recycling, so here are some tips to help you do that.

Throwing a printer into the bin is not a good way to dispose of it. Parts of a printer, as well as it’s consumables like cartridges, can be recycled even if the printer isn’t working anymore.

A study shows that about a third of consumers are just throwing their used cartridges in the trash. If you don’t want to be one among them, remove and recycle inkjets and toner cartridges separately. There are lots of companies in UK that offer cartridge recycling. Making use of these services makes recycling a lot easier.

You can obtain recycling and disposal information for the printer itself from the printer manual or through online support. Following the guidelines carefully ensures you are using the most efficient disposal methods.

If the unused printer is in good working condition you can consider selling it to another consumer. You can search the internet to find a local store that accepts used printers or put it up for auction on a site like eBay. This way you can earn some money from your old printers to help pay for the new one! However, no matter how damaged your printer is, proper disposal is important. Businesses could face fines if they don’t dispose of their e-waste properly, so recycling can save you money as well as saving the environment.