Computer Recycling Concerns

computer recyclingComputer recycling is becoming more and more of a concern. If you have outdated computer equipment that you would like to be rid of, you are not alone. With new technology constantly on the horizon and prices on equipment rapidly falling, those who can afford to do so are replacing or updating their equipment. While you may have once just discarded the unwanted equipment in the rubbish heap, you may want to consider using a reputable computer recycling company to dispose of any assets correctly for you.

Why computer recycling?

  • Most people are unaware that computers and their peripherals contain toxic substances that can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.
  • The average computer can contain as much as 2kg of lead. When improperly disposed of, this and other toxic chemicals can leach into the soil and groundwater, contaminating it and potentially harming anyone who comes into contact with it.
  • This has led to recent legislation to ensure that computer recycling takes place in an environmentally friendly manner.

Computer Recycling and WEEE

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations, sometimes referred to as WEEE, governs the disposal of electronic items. The goal of these regulations is to reduce waste from electrical items by encouraging reuse, recycling and environmentally safe disposal and improve the environmental impact by all associated with the electronics during its lifetime. Failure to comply with the regulations could result in your company being subject to fines. Computer recycling is no longer a choice.

Computer Recycling and Security

Another concern when disposing of unwanted computers and other office equipment is security. Many people do not realise that even after deleting files, they still remain on your computer. Should your computer fall into the wrong hands, the deleted information can be restored and potentially be used against your organisation.

Computer recycling companies are designed to take care of these concerns for you. They pick up the equipment from your location at a time that is convenient for you. They use professional tools to completely wipe hard drives clean of all data. Then they dispose of the equipment in the manner you have chosen. Detailed records are kept throughout the entire process to be used for asset management or as evidence of corporate social responsibility.

Disposal options include reuse, recycling or environmentally safe disposal. After your items are picked, the company first determines if any items can be reused. Items that can be reused are refurbished and distributed for reuse. Schools, low-income students, non-profits, charitable organizations, small start-up businesses and developing companies are usually the recipients of these items.

Items that cannot be reused are sent to be professionally recycled by professional refiners whenever possible. If an item is not eligible for reuse or recycling, it is then safely disposed on in an environmentally safe and compliant manner.

With computer recycling companies, you can feel confident that your computer equipment is disposed of properly. You do not have to worry about a potential breach in security if your computer lands in the wrong hands. You do not have to worry about being penalised for unsafe disposal.

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