Why WEEE Recycling Is Important To Us

May 10, 2011

The amount of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) produced in the world is growing rapidly. The hazardous materials inside the electronic equipment are causing environmental issues and disposing of your WEEE illegally can lead to pollution and obviously get you into trouble too.

Consequently, you need to dispose of your computers and other e-waste in the correct manner. The best way would be to approach a WEEE certified recycling firm, preferably one who also offers data destruction/ wipe services.

What is a WEEE certified company?

WEEE refers to the recycling initiative which aims to reducing the amount of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment that is thrown to landfills at the end of its useful life. The initiative’s main goal is to encourage reuse, recycling and thus reduce e-waste.

The WEEE authorities and other environmental agencies, after scrutinizing a recycling firms process, provide them with the licence to conduct the job. The certified firms perform everything from collection to disposal and from data destruction to recycling.

If you are looking for a WEEE certified recycling firm, look no further. Recycling Your IT is one such company and we can recycle your e-waste in line with the WEEE directive. We also offer you data destruction services. We use a specialist piece of software, which erases the data to the US Government defense standards to ensure you complete data destruction. So not only are you assured of meeting your legal responsibilities with regard to WEEE, but you also have peace of mind with regard to your data.