Why firms are scared of reusing and recycling?

April 28, 2011

Recently the recycling and reuse movement has gained much popularity. However, most firms prefer to destroy old technological devices rather than recycling them. A recent survey suggests that data security concerns are causing firms to destroy old office equipment rather than recycling or reusing them. The survey was conducted by Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA).

Why are the firms scared of recycling and reuse?

ADISA director Steve Mellings suggests, “”No one wants to risk being the next high-profile company to hit the headlines because of a data breach. People prefer to destroy devices because they do not want to risk handing them over to a third party who promises to wipe and then reuse the device.”

Office equipment to personal phones, people store confidential information on every technological device. There is no wonder that people are so scared of data being stolen and used against them.

What is the solution?

The solution to this problem is not to destroy the technological device itself, but to destroy the data within and then recycle the office equipment. If you are scared of data breech, allow Recycling Your IT to take care of your old electronic equipment that consists valuable information. Unlike most other companies, we will provide you with a data destruction certificate and then will recycle your equipment in line with the WEEE directive and other recycling laws existing in the UK. Using a specialist piece of software, which erases the data to the US Government defence standards, we will wipe off the data from your hard drive, offering you a foolproof data destruction and absolute peace of mind.