Why recycle e-waste

June 8, 2011

We all know that e-waste, if not disposed of properly, can adversely affect the environment. However, according to a new study from the United States, electronic waste can also create many dangerous health hazards.

The illegal dumping of computers, cell phones and other electronic equipment is causing toxic materials get into the environment and impact the health of people everywhere. The study also warns that the amount of e-waste being produced worldwide could increase by as much as 500 percent over the next ten years as the use of electronic equipment grows.

According to the World Computer Exchange, an average computer can contain up to 1,000 toxins which include lead, cadmium, mercury, and other heavy metals that can damage the nervous system, kidneys and brain and even cause cancer and birth defects.

The truth is that many of the materials used in electronic equipment can be reclaimed and reused to produce new products. This way we can not only save our health and environment, but also our resources. Recycling and reusing e-waste is the only sensible solution to this growing problem, that will only continue to grow as new technology is made.

Businesses are required by law to deal with their electronic waste appropriately, according to the WEEE directive. However Recycling your IT equipment doesn’t have to be a big deal. To ensure that your IT equipment is recycled properly, all you have to do is contact us at Recycling Your IT. We fully adhere to the WEEE directive, will provide you with a recycling certificate and offer our customers hassle free e-waste recycling.