UK’s Growing E-Waste Disposal Problem?

June 8, 2011

Surveys say that in the last five years alone, 12.5 million computers have been thrown into UK landfills. Over 1 million computers have been put into household rubbish bins. According to the surveys about 25% of people send their PCs to the landfills rather than to a recycling plant.

This is a scary statistic, so what can the UK do to combat this issue?

To dispose of the e-waste in the right manner all that needs to be done is to ensure that they are recycled. By recycling used computers, TVs, phones, refrigerators and other household and office e-waste we can avoid wasting precious resources and prevent our landfills becoming full of toxins.

If not recycled properly, the toxins inside the old electronic equipment can leak out, polluting soil, air and water bodies. This can cause serious environmental and health problems.

In the UK there are several laws that enforce e-waste recycling. The WEEE directive is one such law. To make sure that the e-waste generated by your business is disposed of properly you need to ensure that you use a WEEE authorised company to dispose of your old and used PCs and electrical equipment. Recycling Your IT recycling process is 100% eco-friendly and adheres both to WEEE directives and to other norms that pertain to electronic waste recycling and disposal.

We also take it one step further by giving you peace of mind regarding your data as well as the environment. We offer data destruction services so your equipment can be safely recycled without any danger of your information falling into the wrong hands.