Why Being Socially Responsible is Good for Business

September 6, 2021

Socially responsible business

Social Responsibility is a phrase that has been around in the business world for some time. It basically means that companies are socially responsible if they weigh up profits with ensuring they don’t negatively impact society. Many businesses will have specific causes that they are passionate about, whether that’s planting trees or reducing their carbon footprint.

There are some areas where legislation exists to protect workers and the environment (WEEE being a prime example) but there are also many companies that take action voluntarily. This action can help the company to win business, attract talented staff and improve their overall image.

Not only do we expect socially responsible companies to reduce their negative impact, but we also expect to see steps made to do good, whether getting involved in charity work, supporting local community projects or outreach programmes with local schools.

Business Benefits

Attracting and Keeping Staff

People are happier to work for businesses that they believe are socially responsible and aren’t just focused on making as much money as possible, regardless of the cost. This also helps to boost morale within the company, as does encouraging staff to get involved in some of these projects. Improving morale translates into improved productivity and higher rates of employee retention.

Keeping Customers Happy

Likewise, consumers who see a business trying to do its part will remain more loyal. It can also help in attracting new customers, especially those that deeply care about improving issues that the company is aligned with. It may also mean that they are happy to pay a little more or travel a little further if they believe their money is being put to good use.

Remaining True to your Word

Whilst the things mentioned above are true, a company partaking in activities purely to improve their bottom line will soon be found out. If it’s a ploy to grow their business or a marketing tactic then it can actually do more harm than good.

People want businesses to be trustworthy and that means that it’s essential social responsibility is truly genuine. So, it’s important for the company to get involved in projects that it really believes in and truly wants to make a difference to improve.

Reducing IT Waste

One of the things that any company can do to become more socially responsible is to reduce the amount of waste they create or ensure that their waste is recused or recycled. The WEEE directive states that companies must dispose of old electronic and electrical waste in a certain way. Working with a company such as Recycling Your IT will not only ensure you adhere to that legislation, but they can also help direct you towards worthwhile projects. Old computers for example, can be securely wiped of all data and then be passed onto community centres or charities where they can gain a second life.

If you want to find out more about how you can become more socially responsible by recycling your old IT equipment, then please get in touch today. We will be more than happy to help.