Why Does IT Recycling Still Matter?

June 28, 2021

recycling IT matters

There’s no doubt that most of us are aware of the importance of recycling as much as we can. But how does this apply to IT equipment?

You may have heard of Moore’s law, it’s a term first coined in the 1970’s which basically means that the overall processing power of computers will double every two years. This means that computers hold more information, become faster and more advanced very quickly.

With that in mind, many businesses have a programme of replacing IT equipment every 2-3 years to enable them to take advantage of the efficiencies and advancements that these changes bring. This results in an increase in WEEE waste and a need to properly dispose of old IT kit. This is why IT recycling has become a staple service throughout the UK.

Why IT Recycling is Important

There are many reasons for the importance given to IT recycling. Much of the UK’s e-waste is transported to developing countries where hazardous materials are handled without any protection. Many workers don’t have access to even the most basic safety equipment to protect them from the mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium and other chemicals and materials they come into daily contact with. A lot of this waste is burnt which causes other issues in releasing dangerous toxins into the atmosphere.

The amount of IT waste being produced is so fast that handling it is difficult to keep up with. This includes electronic waste such as computers, watches, mobile phones, appliances, fridges, in fact pretty much anything that uses a plug.

Not only can you find hazardous materials inside electronic waste, but you will also find a number of precious materials that can be reused.

How IT Recycling Works

There are a few things to consider when recycling IT equipment:

  • Environmental impact
  • Data Security
  • WEEE Legislation
  • Social Responsibility
  • Company Policy

This is why working with an expert IT Recycling company that has all the relevant insurance and certifications in place as well as offering secure data destruction services is vital. Risking your customers information getting into the wrong hands or old computers being fly tipped could be disastrous for your business and its reputation.