Recycling e-waste has many benefits

December 16, 2010

Recycling e-waste is a responsibility that every business has, and it brings with it several benefits.

When a business does not recycle, that reflects badly on them. With larger companies it sometimes even makes news. The reason recycling is such a big deal is because more and more consumers care about how the environment is being affected. Many of them are making the choice to do business with companies that demonstrate that they are also concerned about these issues.

Taking the proper steps to recycle your e-waste will also ensure that your business avoids any penalties for non-compliance with WEEE directives. There can be hefty fines associated with breaching their regulations.

However the most important benefit is that by recycling e-waste appropriately, your business is playing an important part in conserving resources, protecting the environment and helping those less fortunate.

E-waste that sits in a landfill gives off toxins and pollutants that eventually affect everyone, while recycling ensures that it doesn’t cause harm and that the component raw materials are safely reused again and again.

A lot of IT equipment is outdated for businesses but can still be very useful to those who can’t afford such luxuries, both here in the UK as well in developing countries. You can’t help but feel good knowing that you are providing useful resources to children and others who otherwise would have to do without, and are giving them a chance to improve their lives.

Recycling your ewaste does initially take a little extra time and effort, but after a little planning it becomes second nature. It is well worth it, benefitting not only the environment but your business as well.