Newsletter-September 2013, latest news from the industry

E-Waste markets regain strength

Computers - E Waste

E-Waste is one of the fastest growing sectors by volume. As impending legislative targets loom, WEEE recycling markets show there should be some promising growth over the next few years.
The recent global economic slowdown affected many industries including the WEEE recycling market. Read More

Remote and mobile data security

Locked laptop

As more and more employees of companies work mobile or from home, employers need to be more aware of the impact that data security breaches can have.
The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has recently fined Aberdeen City Council £100,000 as a result of such a breach. Read More

The way we recycle metals Needs to change

Large rubbish tip

Electrical & electronic products are becoming increasingly more complex. One type of metal can be found alongside almost any other metal, or number of materials in a product. This makes efficient recycling of materials much harder.

The United Nations Environment Programme’s International Resource Panel has called for a far more sophisticated approach to recycling. If populations in emerging countries adopt similar technologies and lifestyles as us, it is estimated that the amount of metal needed to supply the world would be between five and nine times larger than it is currently. Read More