E-Waste markets regain strength

E-Waste is one of the fastest growing sectors by volume. Computers no longer wanted As impending legislative targets loom, WEEE recycling markets show there should be some promising growth over the next few years.

The recent global economic slowdown affected many industries including the WEEE recycling market. Prices of waste scrap like iron and plastics dropped dramatically as did the tonnage of waste collected. Companies and government departments were put on a strict no spend policy, which impacted on the amount of material available for collection.

It appears now that companies as a whole, are feeling that times are getting better and we have seen this by the amount of waste we have collected over the past few months. It has dramatically increased as businesses feel happy again to invest in newer technologies. Scrap prices have also started to rise again as demand for product increases.

An additional contributing factor in growth is that new EU deadlines for the percentage of WEEE waste recycled are looming fast and currently in the UK we are falling behind targets.

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