Recycling Your IT

Mobile Phone Recycling


Mobile Phone Recycling

Many mobile phone and tablet manufacturers are now recycling devices and offering cash back. While mobile phone recycling is a good idea, there is a catch. Mobile Phones and Tablets available in the market these days are more like mini computers. They allow you to use it just like your PC at home. Now you can access your personal bank online, connect to the office and work from anywhere you are and do a whole host of things that require your personal details. All these details are stored on your device and can be accessed after disposal.

Recycling your IT offers Mobile Phone & Tablet Recycling services but with an assurance that we eradicate all data off your device. Firstly, we can erase all stored data using specialist software we use for all storage devices that enter our premises. This is a process where we eradicate data from storage devices by over writing the information with pseudo-random information multiple times, thus eliminating any trace of what used to be there. The tools we use are approved for this purpose by HM Government’s Communications electronic Security Group (CESG).

Mobile Phones Recycling

Secondly, by shredding it into pieces less than 1cm in diameter. We have the technology to do this. Our shredding machine later sorts out the different materials so that everything is recycled, and nothing goes to landfill.

The catch here though is that you don’t get any money. But the advantage is that you can rest assured that any data stored on your device cannot and will not be accessed. Our Mobile Phone & Tablet Recycling services ensure any data on your device is completely destroyed before being recycled. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to either call or email us.

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