Mobile phone apps to help you recycle

September 3, 2010

With an alarming increase in garbage accumulation, people are becoming more aware of the various disposal techniques available in order to help them dispose of it in an appropriate manner. Electrical and electronic equipment, stationery goods, computers, household perishable items, etc. are the ones that most commonly find their way to landfills. With the correct knowledge and relevant information, it is easy for the common public to recycle the trash without any trouble at all and now there are even mobile phone apps to help you do just that.

For example T-Mobile has launched an application that will help you recycle by pointing out the nearest recycling points to your current location. The application also provides you with a list of standard items that can be recycled and appropriate locations to recycle them.

It will even give you driving or walking instructions on how to get to the selected recycling location. You can also find the nearest recycling points by providing an area name, post code or street name which means you can suggest places for friends and relatives to recycle too.

Other mobile phone apps to help you recycle include My Recycle List (helps you find locations nearby that accept items you pick), Finder (helps you nearby recycling groups such as Free-cycle), Recycle Tracker (helps you keep track of how many cans, bottles, etc you have recycled) and even recycling games such as Recycle Me.

So if you own an iPhone or similar, your mobile phone makes it easier than ever to recycle.