Should you donate, recycle or not bother at all?

August 27, 2010

When we are talking about old and obsolete computers, we should be aware of the fact that the number of those has been on a constant rise in the recent years. New computers are being introduced constantly and with every new version or release – upgrades in terms of performance, response time and storage capacity –  the old versions become outdated or less preferable. Ensuring that the outdated and obsolete computers are properly taken care of is every individual’s responsibility as doing nothing could cause serious damage to the environment.

Recycling is the best option to consider if the computer is totally useless since storing them would only likely gather dust and cost you extra for storage space. Also, storing obsolete computers for long periods of time could pose a serious hazard to the environment if harmful substances leak into the air – this will also endanger people residing in the nearby areas.

On the other hand, visiting a licensed recycling company such as ours is simple and convenient. You should definitely do so, as otherwise the computer is more likely to end up in landfills generating toxic waste.  It must be noted that there are several illegal recycling companies that export the obsolete computers to developing nations for sale. In such cases, by the way, the manufacturer will be held responsible for this inappropriate and illegal activity. This may cause legal repercussions and the manufacturer may face a fine as well.

However if you have just bought another new computer and the old one is still working and useful, it could be donated for charity. In general the computer’s life in terms of hardware is up to five years, and so such computers, if they are to be replaced, can be donated.

The bottom line is: “Recycle!” The fact is that the cost involved in disposing of the obsolete computers is lower than the cost of storing them and is certainly advantageous for both you and the environment.