IT Recycling: Myths Vs Facts

August 27, 2011

You will find plenty of people on both sides of the great recycling debate, each convinced the other side is ill informed. As the debate continues, there are many who debunk the very idea of recycling. Here are three biggest recycling myths and facts.

Myth 1

There’s no point in recycling, it doesn’t make a difference.

Fact 1

Consider this: According to various reports, in the UK alone recycling saves about 10-15 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year.

Now, can we say that recycling doesn’t make a difference and continue throwing the rubbish into landfills?

Myth 2

Recycling burns more money, energy and creates more pollution than it saves.

Fact 2

It is true that collecting recyclables is not cheap. However, the question of recycling burning energy and polluting environment is irrelevant. A study conducted by a Washington based environmental consultant found that it takes 10.4 million BTU to manufacture products from a ton of recyclables while virgin materials take 23.3 million BTU to produce new products. In fact the total energy for collecting, hauling and processing a ton of recyclables adds up to just 0.9 million BTU.

The bottom line: We don’t need to worry that recycling trucks are doing more harm than good.

Myth 3

Most of the products sent to recycling ends up in the garbage

Fact 3

Since the approach towards recycling is changing quickly, this fact is not true now. There are laws governing recycling IT products. So a recycling firm can’t dump them in landfills.

Consider these facts carefully and decide which side of the great recycling debate you want to be.