Choosing a Computer Disposal Company

September 16, 2011

According to surveys and news reports, every year thousands of containers of e-waste find their way to the landfills of Africa and Asia. Sadly this e-waste, including hazardous items, is being sent by computer disposal companies from the most developed countries like the UK.

How can we stop fraudulent traders and identify a trustworthy computer disposal company that works in line with the WEEE directive and other environmental policies?

Here are a few facts you need to verify before choosing a computer disposal company:

Do they have the right permits to deal with e-waste?

Choose the vendor if and only if they have all the necessary certificates and licences to perform the job.

Can the computer disposal company provide you with a certificate of data destruction?

Certificate of data destruction helps you ensure that the critical information stored on the computer is wiped off properly.

Do they have data wiping insurance?

It is imperative that the computer disposal company you choose has data wiping insurance. Ask for copies of these documents so that you can be assured that that they can accept full legal responsibility for your computers.

Can they provide a written guarantee of 0% landfill of non-reusable equipment?

Look for WEEE certified computer recycling firms that can guarantee 0% landfill, so your waste has minimal impact on the environment.

Can they offer documentation of their waste stream?

Documentation of waste stream provides evidence of what happened to your equipment – where it was sent to, which parts were reused and which were recycled.

If you are a looking for a computer disposal company in the UK that adheres to all the legal requirements and offers satisfactory answers to these questions, contact us today.