IT Equipment Disposal Policies Make Good Business Sense

IT Equipment Disposal is a growing problem for Governments, businesses and individuals the world over. There is a worry about the safety of information stored in the devices and how to safely have it removed, along with the possible damage to the environment that can be caused by some IT Equipment disposal methods. By having a good IT Equipment Disposal policy in place that complies with government regulations can benefit your business in many of the following ways:

  • Saving you money
  • Increases your work space
  • Helps the environment
  • You don’t break any legislation’s on IT Equipment Disposal
  • Your employees will respect your company and its policies

Desktop computerEvery business wants to save money, and by following an effective policy on the disposal of old IT Equipment can help you save. On-selling, reconditioning or dismantling your old equipment for parts are some of the option to save you money. Businesses may not like the idea of selling on old IT Equipment due to the security risk it can have on the business if their old data is not completely removed. If it gets into the wrong hand then it could put the business at risk, however there are companies who specialise in the removal of old data and can securely and safely remove any evidence about your company from the system before it is on-sold or used for reconditioning.

Once you have had all your old data removed from your computer you can also look into donating your old IT Equipment, again there are companies that specialise in donating your old computer to various charities or to people in need.

Even if you old IT Equipment has broken or is damaged there are many parts that are able to be reused to help recondition other computers. Recycling companies will salvage useful parts before they break down what is left along with safely removing any hazardous materials. Don’t forget the accessories like the mouse, keyboard, printer, modem and software packages are all recyclable and can be used by many organisations and charities.

When manufactures make computers, 75% of fossil fuels and energy gets used, so extending the lifespan of your computer will mean less fossil fuel in the environment. IT Equipment Disposal is environmentally responsible recycling, you gain a public relations advantage by recycling and you can position yourself as an environmentally friendly business that is prepared to help the growing concern for recycling old equipment.

Every single computer that is dumped in a landfill not only damages the environment through any chemicals that may leak in to the soil but also is a missed opportunity to provide technology to organisations that may not be able to afford to buy their own new equipment.

The easiest way to ensure that your old IT equipment is being disposed of and recycled in the best possible way is to contact a business who has the relevant experience and knowledge on how to do this. By contacting Recycle Your IT you can be assured your old equipment will be in safe hands.

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