Ever Wonder How and Where Your Personal Data is Sold?

Darknet wording

There is a place hidden beneath the internet you use every day yet probably didn’t know exists.

It is a hidden underbelly, home to rouges, political activist and some nasty organisations. It is also one of the places confidential information is sold i.e. personal and corporate data. It is call the “Darknet”.

It is a secret place only accessed by using specialist software and even then difficult to penetrate unless you’re in the know.

In the Darknet, you will find a society that intentionally lurks in the blind spot of search engines. Some call it the Darknet……all call it very hard to reach. Like a lawless land it is not a place where most people would want to visit, nor should they.

The Darknet is cloaked in obscurity with specialised software that guarantees encryption and anonymity between users. Search engines do not crawl the depths of the Darknet so you won’t see its content on the likes of Google.

Having said it is a scary place to be, it does have a bright side. In countries where freedom of speech is not allowed, the Darknet is used by individuals and organisations to voice their opinions freely without fear of censorship or persecution

The lesson to be learnt here is that information is worth money. Even names and addresses have a value. Data breaches are both costly to the company it has happened too in possible fines, its corporate image and the individuals it may effect.

Always make sure that redundant data is dealt with by an authorised company to do so.

The biggest risk is redundant equipment. Recycling Your IT has the know-how, experience, knowledge, accreditations and equipment to securely eradicate all data from documents to hard drives and certify that this has been completed.

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