5 Reasons to Recycle Your old Computers

July 15, 2010

Can you imagine, there was a time when hardly anybody recycled anything and everything was simply thrown in the bin never to be thought of or seen again. Times have changed and recycling has become more important than ever. Although there are countless great reasons to recycle a myriad of things nowadays, here are our top 5 reasons to recycle your old computers

Here are 5 reasons to recycle your PCs:

  • Save the planet. Computers can easily be recycled and reused which will prevent the filling up of landfills. Personal computers of all kinds have chemicals that are toxic to our environment and the air we breathe.
  • Protect sensitive data. If you simply throw a computer away it’s free for anybody to find and all they have to do is get the information off of your hard drive. Recycling programs will have the data erased so it isn’t seen by anybody.
  • Follow regulations. Most areas have local regulations to encourage people to recycle their PCs.
  • Get a discount. If you bring your computer into its manufacturer, it’s very possible that they will thank you for recycling by giving you a discount on the purchase of a brand new computer.
  • Materials are recycled. When you bring in a computer to a licensed recycling center they will reuse every part of the computer that they can and dispose of the waste safely.

Remember, this is only our top 5 reasons to recycle your old computers. As an IT recycling specialist, we have dozens more and it is always at the very heart of what we do and believe in.

With the speed at which technology is advancing it’s now more important than ever to recycle your computers and other electronic items. This helps to prevent waste in landfills and is a sure way to get all of the data that is on your computer’s hard drive destroyed. If we can reuse parts or products it doesn’t make sense to throw them away.