Computer Peripherals

July 8, 2010

We all know that computer use is on a rapid rise. New computers are being sold at a rate of many thousands per day. They are sold to homes, businesses, and schools, as well as hospitals and non profits. With all of that IT equipment going out the door of the stores, it stands to reason that there is plenty of it that needs to be disposed of. Where is it going and how do we properly dispose of our IT equipment and the peripherals that go with them?

There is a lot made of the need to recycle IT equipment, and the reality is that it is true that we need to make arrangements for our older computer equipment that may still have some life in it, but isn’t functional for us. Along with these, the peripherals that we use with it, keyboards, mice, printers, and scanners, also need a way to be safely recycled. Often times we overlook the need to find a safe place for computer peripherals and other items that we use along with our main IT equipment.

The PC is not the only part of the computer equipment that we use each day that we can recycle and certainly should. Given all of the peripherals that we use, and how rapidly they are replaced with newer and more technical models, when it comes time to call the recycling company or donate your equipment to a company to refurbish, make sure that you offer keyboards, mice, scanners, printers and fax machines as well as the PC and monitors.

Recycling of our IT equipment works. Make sure that you recycle all of it when it comes time to send it away to be disposed of properly. Don’t forget your peripherals when you call the recycling centre.