Why wouldn’t you Recycle!

Computer recycling London is a big problem for the government and the environment, which is why the government in 2007 instigated a WEEE (Waste Electrical Equipment Directive) programme that has put legislations in place to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment that ends up in landfills. This programme is about encouraging people to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. It also puts ownership on people and businesses to make sure they comply with the regulations imposed or risk being held responsible if the guidelines are not followed.

Why recycle computers?

Why wouldn’t you Recycle computersThis seems a strange question as why wouldn’t you recycle! When you dispose of a computer or any electronic equipment in your general rubbish the only place it will end up is in the local landfill. Computers and most electronic and electrical goods contain hazardous materials and materials that are not biodegradable.

Today we live in a disposable world, it is all too easy to buy items then dispose of them without thinking where they end up once we have thrown them away. Many people today would not even think about repairing an item, they just think oh we can buy that again and they do.

Living in London not only gives you the opportunity to live in the capital of the UK it also allows you to easily find computer recycling London companies that deal with the recycling of your computer. These companies are set up to recycle, reuse and reduce many of the components within your computer.

Secure computer disposal

Any computer recycling London company will not only know how to recycle and reuse your computer or as many parts as possible they will also be able to securely either destroy or remove any sensitive data from your computer. Many people think that by breaking the hard drive will destroy any saved information but this is not enough to ensure you do not leave any passwords, photos, contact lists or credit card numbers on your machine. These companies will guarantee you the complete removal of your data from the hard drive but they will also be able to certify they have done this.

What is recyclable?

You will probably be surprised by how much computer recycling London companies can recycle from your computer. These companies are designed to ensure the maximum amount of components get recycled and reused.

Recycling your computer is much simpler than you may have thought it could be when you are dealing with an expert company that specializes in computer recycling London. Not only are they held responsible for the tracking of the recycling process they know where all the components can be recycled if the computer is not reusable.

Make sure you recycle your old computers and never throw them away as they will only pollute the environment and destroy our country. Do the right thing and get them recycled as it is everyone’s responsibility to look after our planet. Every small step you take today will encourage others to do the same.

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