What’s New?

What's-NewSince our last Newsletter in June, Recycling Your IT has been very busy expanding its operations. Bellow explains the changes in brief:

Collection Areas.
We have expanded our fleet of vehicles which, means we can now collect all over the UK and the rest of Europe. This is ideal for companies that have offices in other European countries, or when we act as a subcontractor to your customers. This means you only have to use one company.

The ADISA standard.
The ADISA standard is only bestowed on the top tier of companies in the I.T. and asset disposal industry. With over 200 separate criteria being measured, and with unannounced audits, including forensic testing, ADISA certified members are the most heavily scrutinised companies in the I.T. service sector. RYIT is now able to offer ADISA accredited services.

There are a few software companies that provide programs that eradicate data from your computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. The leading provider of this software and the only one approved by GCHQ is a company called BLANCCO. RYIT now uses BLANCCO for all data wipes both on and off site assuring you of complete compliance and peace of mind.

Onsite Data Destruction.
RYIT now offers a complete onsite data destruction solution which can either be software based or physical hard drive destruction. This can be done before your very own eyes so ideal with companies with highly sensitive data. This process can be executed at weekends or evenings so there is no disruption to your normal working day.

New Recycling Facility address.
Unit 3 Europa Park,
Croft Way
Witham, Essex UK

If you require and further information on any of the above services, please contact us on 01279 21500 or email [email protected]