What electronic office equipment can be recycled?

October 15, 2010

The importance of recycling is now being emphasized all over the world, and any reputable company will want to know whether they can recycle their electronic office equipment or not. The good news is that most office machines and IT equipment can be recycled appropriately by specialist companies like ourselves.

As well as computers and laptops, we can also recycle other IT equipment such as monitors (both CRT and TFT), scanners, printers, servers, keyboards and networking equipment. We can recycle office machinery such as fax machines and photocopiers too.

Bear in mind that when you recycle office equipment data security is of paramount importance. Computers, laptops, servers and even photocopier machines can all contain important and confidential business information that you would not want falling into the wrong hands. Ensure that either you or the recycling company you use eradicate all traces of the data and that you receive written assurance to that end.

Another thing to consider when recycling office equipment is that most of it will fall under the WEEE directive. It is therefore vitally important that you use a licensed recycling company to dispose of your electronics, otherwise if it is not appropriately disposed of your business may face strict fines.

All of the above mentioned computer and office equipment can be recycled in an eco-friendly manner by us. The recycling of office equipment with us assures 100% data protection and compliance to WEEE directives. Most of the office equipment that is used in an office can be recycled effectively by our qualified and experienced office equipment recycling team thus relieving you of any worry about their appropriate disposal.