The Waste Hierarchy: Did You Know It’s Your Duty

Organisations have a clear mandate to apply the waste hierarchy within their operations however, many businesses and local authorities in our experience are falling short.

The Waste Hierarchy regulation was brought into force in 2011. It applies to the following businesses and local authorities;

“An establishment or undertaking which imports, produces, collects, transports, recovers or disposes of waste, or which as a dealer or broker has control of waste must, on the transfer of waste, take all such measures available to it as are reasonable in the circumstances to apply the following waste hierarchy as a priority order.”

The priority order is as follows:

The Waste Hierarchy

This applies to all types of waste as well as what we at Recycling Your IT collect. (WEEE & paper) The regulation is not voluntary, it is mandatory. On the Waste Transfer Note, which as a company you sign when disposing of your waste it states.

“I confirm that I have fulfilled my duty to apply the waste hierarchy as required by regulation 12 of the Waste (England & Wales) Regulations 2011.”

Where a business or a council is not fulfilling its duties the Environment Agency is empowered to issue a compliance notice requiring that steps be taken to ensure that the non-fulfillment ceases. It can also issue a stop notice prohibiting an activity until relevant steps have been taken.

Failure to comply with one of these notices can lead to prosecution and a fine. To concentrate minds, regulation 44 says that if a body corporate is found guilty of a breach, the individuals responsible for the offence may also be guilty.

So many companies through lack of awareness are breaking this regulation and risking fines. We all also have a duty to ourselves and future mankind to make sure we are doing the best by the environment regardless if it is a regulation or not.

Think of this; One aluminium can which is not recycled or perhaps put in the wrong recycling bin, if recycled properly would save enough energy to power your iPod long enough to listen to a whole album. Recycling 100 cans would save enough energy to light the average bedroom for two whole weeks.

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