So Much IT Equipment

July 1, 2010

The fact is that everyone has a computer these days. Not only businesses rely heavily on technology, homes do too. Today’s homes have an average of two computers in them and many have even more when taking into account laptops and other types of IT equipment. There is so much IT equipment in the world that there simply is not enough room for it.

Recycling the equipment that we use every day is imperative. It is more important than ever to recycle your IT equipment these days because it has more of some radioactive and other chemicals than can safely be placed in landfills. Placing your computer in a garbage can or other waste receptacle is not the right way to deal with it.

Still, garbage and waste companies report regularly that they do find computers in dumpsters and waste receptacles, rather than properly disposed of. Sadly this is not confined to people, who may have the excuse of not knowing better, but even businesses attempt this method of disposal in some cases.

Looking for and using a good method of recycling your old PC is your best bet. It’s better for you and certainly better for the environment. Your PC can be used by a recycling centre to give computer equipment to companies or people who will actually refurbish it and donate it to senior centres or children’s centres. Those parts which can’t be used in that way can be given back to some computer companies who will find a way to use them again in their next computer.

With so much IT equipment out there being deposited in the wrong place when it is disposed of, it pays us to make sure that we dispose of ours the right way. With the use and sale of computers rising about 10 percent per year, finding a positive way to dispose of your computers and other electronic equipment that is not harmful to people or the environment is something we all need to take responsibility for.