PC Recycling the benefits

June 30, 2015

Recycling computers to save the world

Recycling is increasingly popular in the UK, and recycling your old computers can be one way to help prevent the over-use of essential resources. For companies and industries, getting rid of the old computer responsibly is mandated by EU law, and this means that PC recycling is the best way to ensure that the disposal of old computers complies with legislation. In addition to deleting the data from computers, PC recycling also ensures that any toxic parts will be re-used, rather than thrown onto the tip to pollute the environment. There are several benefits that customers can discover in choosing to recycle their old electric equipment with us.

Environmental benefits

The reason that PC recycling is covered by law is primarily to protect the environment. Computer waste has been a major source of pollution, not only through toxic elements within the machines, but also due to the amount of space that they take up in landfills. EU legislation is designed to prevent resources contained within PCs from becoming scarce and expensive, and also to ensure that these toxins don’t leech into the water table, causing problems with drinking water. Recycling benefits not only the company providing the excess computers, but also those in the community, and across the country.

Financial benefits

There are two financial benefits to recycling PCs. Firstly, recycling enables job creation, so that the more you recycle, the more people will be employed in the industry. Recycling PCs is a skilled job, and this benefits the economy in the wider sense. Secondly, recycling benefits the company as well by encouraging the re-use of materials from old electronic parts. This helps to keep down the cost of creating new computers, and means that your business doesn’t have to worry about fines for not recycling. Contact us today to get rid of your unwanted PCs.