For highly sensitive data, RYIT offers onsite hard drive destruction. We are also registered with The Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection.

We use a six tonne hydraulic ram which punches out the motor from the hard drive, the platters are warped and the circuit board broken. This makes retrieval of any data impossible and this process can all be done in front of your very own eyes.

Computer part Computer hard drive part

Each drive serial number is scanned prior to destroying. Once your job has been completed you’re presented with a destruction certificate with the serials numbers of your drives attached.

As an added security measure, once we reach a certain tonnage of drives, they are sent to a specialist recycle that shreds the drives into chunks of less than 1cm. They then extract the raw materials and recycle them, which means we keep to our ethos of nothing going to landfill.

Data destruction service Data destruction of computer part

Please note: It is against the law to hold onto data longer than deemed necessary under the seventh principle of the Data Protection Act. Breach of this law carries a minimum fine of a £500,000.

As always our pricing is simple and transparent. We charge by the time we are required on site.

1 hours onsite (approximately 50 hard drives) £200.00 + VAT
½ day onsite (approximately 200 hard drives) £700.00 + VAT
1 day onsite (approximately 400 hard drives) £1,200.00 + VAT
Please note: The amount of hard drives we approximate to destroyed per hour is based on you bringing them to our vehicle. If our member of staff has to move them then less hard drives per hour will be destroyed but the rates will stay the same. Please bear this in mind when booking an appointment.
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