Office Equipment Recycling

March 19, 2015

Office Equipment for Recycling

Redecorating or restyling an office often means taking out all of the old equipment and replacing it with brand new items. Most new owners of businesses choose to dispose of old items, including office paper with letterheads, business cards and other branded items that now need to be removed, and electronic equipment. The latter is particularly difficult to dispose of as there are strict laws regarding their disposal. Companies need to be aware of the law before they make any decisions regarding the disposal of their unwanted electronic items.

Why do I need help with office equipment?

The biggest issue around equipment recycling from businesses is data protection. Most consumers now know enough to remove any hard drives from files, and to dispose of USB sticks that are no longer used. However, businesses have been a lot slower to catch on to the fact that data stored in computers can still be available even after they have been ‘wiped’. In the modern age, the correct disposal of PCs, printers and other electronic devices has to be done with one eye on data protection acts and legal requirements to destroy client’s data in a secure manner. With expert help, you can ensure that all of your equipment is recycled in the correct way.

Saving the environment

The other reason why businesses need professional assistance with office equipment recycling is that there are several pieces of legislation that require companies to dispose of their unwanted office equipment in a responsible manner. This means that throwing away monitors could harm the environment due to toxic materials involved in their construction. Other items of standard office equipment are also now restricted so that they cannot be discarded in general waste. Even everyday items such as mobile phones and PDAs have to be recycled using the correct procedures, often requiring the assistance of professionals.