I.T Asset Recovery, professional service, Recycling Your IT

IT Asset Recovery ServicesI.T. Asset recovery is ideal for those companies that have legacy equipment in bulk that still has a significant value.

This service comes with the same convenience as a normal I.T. Recycler IE: they will collect your items, then refurbish or reuse your asset. The main difference is these type of companies specialise in getting the highest return for your equipment.

The process of doing this yourself, unless you have the right equipment, qualifications, and market to sell too, can be very time consuming and expensive. Using a company that specialises in this, has the right equipment, qualification and access to market, is the most cost effective way to go.

Funds generated from this new income stream can reduce your total cost of ownership, creating a very cost effective decommissioning process for your company.

Let’s run some numbers on general rates of depreciation:

  • You purchased a desktop PC five years ago for £300.
  • Depreciation of 40% in the first year made that PC valued at £180.
  • Year two roles around and another 25% is depreciated and it’s worth about £135.
  • Year three rolls over with 25% and that £300 equipment investment is now £101.
  • If you held on to that equipment another year it is valued around £30.
  • By now, prices for new computer have dropped. You are now able to purchase similar quality new equipment for about £200.

Had you sold the equipment to a credible data processor in year three, your residual value would have contributed to new equipment. Wait five years or more and your asset is likely to become e-waste. Get the equipment in the hands of somebody that will extend the life for another three to five years and add value in the process.


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