How do we recycle your PC and what happens to it

computer recycling image

Before we consider recycling we will try to reuse. It is much better for the environment to reuse an item than to recycle. If a PC is worth reusing we will attempt to refurbish it. If not the only other alternative is to recycle.

Inside a PC there are a number of different components held in by screws and fasteners. We remove each item from the case by using specialised tools. Each item has a scrap value. The motherboard and associated boards like graphics cards, contain precious metals in small quantities. Metals such as gold, silver, copper and solder. The hard drives contain stainless steel, aluminium, copper, neodymium magnets and circuit boards. The heat sink is usually made of aluminium and plastic. The CD drive contains a circuit board and aluminium as does the power supply. There will also be a number of cables which contain copper.

These components are all stored in separate bins and once there is enough quantity, they are sent to specialised recyclers in their own individual field or expertise. So the circuit boards will go to one recycler to be refined while the hard drives will go to another and so on. Where ever possible we will use local recyclers in line with our environment ethos to reduce impact.

This is basically how we recycle a PC. By doing it this way it insures that everything we collect is reused and nothing ends up in landfill.

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