What Can We Do Better To Ensure The Best Future For The Next Generation?

next-generationImg1 We are living in an age where things have become complicated thanks to advancements in products and technology. The competition is high and we are all looking for ways to get the best of ourselves in life.

While our times are so competitive, the times of our next generation will be far more competitive and therefore, it is important that we do something for our next generation in order to make the best future.

Improvements for Our Next Generation

There are many things that we can do in order to ensure the best future for the next generation. These include:


It is a popular opinion that a four year education will get you a good paying job. The truth is that even two years of selective training can get you a good salary.

People these days are being hired on little or no education. They are even being hired on a two year degree. These positions pay really good competitive wages and we have to make sure that we try to grow the middle class as much as we can.

Therefore, for our next generation, it is vital to eradicate this huge barrier of education that delays people joining the work force two years later. This basically handicaps the younger lot because they are bound to get stuck in education for 4 years. Majority of the major businesses today have been created by drop outs or people who have not had full years of education- Facebook and Snap Chat are classic examples.

Emphasize On Training

People these days don’t have a skill gap, they actually have a training gap. Until and unless the burden is put on those who train rather than people who want to be trained, the issue will not be resolved. Training is one of the key things that can help people understand the workings of any operation well. In the US, there are many companies that provide on the go training but the training hours are limited to 100 hours per year.

Training will help the future generation understand everything better. Whether they are working in a sector that gives them training, it is just general and common understanding that training will help young adults go a long way. Therefore, we must ensure that our next generation is trained with the right skill set to succeed.

Focus On Experience

According to Albert Einstein, The Only Source Of Knowledge Is Experience. Our next generation will never learn a skill if all they do is sit and listen to lectures. It is therefore important for them to focus on ways that can get them a good training and the basic skill set. Before they start college or are in high school, teachers and educators alike should focus on experience. Experience is one of the essentials for our next generation and something that should be focused upon.

Overall, there are a lot of things that we can do to ensure a better and improved future for the next generation but the three vital things that we must start to do from now are listed above.