Why Invest in IT Asset Tracking

February 4, 2020

Tracking IT Assets

Tracking your IT equipment can aid large networks or those that are continually growing. By knowing at any time how many you have, what they are, where they are and how old they are you can better manage your assets. Without the right software in place to track your IT Kit, companies may choose to do this manually instead. This can work well if there isn’t that much to look after in the first place. If that isn’t the case then not only is it more costly, it can also result in an increase in mistakes being made.

Using an IT Asset Tracking service will end up saving you both time and money in the long run and enable you to track the whole lifecycle of each piece of equipment.

Why use IT Asset Management Software?

By automating the system by using software, you will have a complete database of information at your fingertips. This is even more useful if you have more than one location. Not only does this allow you to see your entire network in one place, but it also enables you to better manage that equipment.

You can also track where software has been updated, new software added, where equipment needs to be replaced and keep a look out for any server issues, virus attacks or any security problems.

If you have several locations, rather than having an IT expert based at each one, you can manage the whole network from one central location meaning that staff can focus on the things that will move the business forwards.

Tracking IT Equipment when end of life

Ultimately your IT kit will come to the end of its life and under the WEEE directive you will need to ensure it is disposed of correctly. A reputable IT recycling company will be able to continue the process of tracking each piece of kit from the moment it’s in their possession.

Each company in the UK has a social and corporate responsibility to dispose of IT waste properly, this means not only in an environmentally conscious way, but also to make sure that any data remains confidential until the moment it is wiped completely.

At Recycling Your IT we offer a robust and comprehensive recording and reporting system to meet both your legal and business requirements.

Our system scans equipment and tracks it right through and collects relevant data. This can include details against agreed criteria, and can include any faults, remarketing, charitable donations, residual value, etc. All of this is fed back in report format so that you can retain information about what happened to your IT Equipment once it left your possession.