Why Data Destruction is Important for Business?

February 17, 2011

In the age of Wiki-leaks, protecting your business data is of great importance. Any data stored on computers, laptops, mobile phones, printers, memory cards, etc needs to be destroyed completely before disposal.

Why Data Destruction?

Before disposing of or sending your used electronic office equipment to recycling, make sure that the data stored on such machines is erased completely. In most cases data stored on electronic devices will not be completely destroyed, even after you delete the files. When you are disposing of electronic office equipment without ensuring proper data destruction, you are putting yourself and your customers at the risk of identity theft as well as potentially making data available to your business rivals.

Additionally the 1998 Data Protection Act regulation insists on destroying any personal or professional information stored on electronic equipment under secure conditions before sending them to recycling in order to avoid such vital information falling into malicious hands. With the WEEE regulations, etc in effect, data destruction is no longer a choice but mandatory.

How to Ensure Complete Data Destruction

The best way to ensure complete data destruction would be to send your used electronic office equipment to a recycling firm that works according to the WEEE directive. Recycling Your IT is one such company. We offer complete and secure data destruction or data wipe services before recycling your office equipment. We make use of a specialist piece of software, which erases the data to the US Government defence standards, to wipe off the data from your hard drive.