Why Businesses Must Replace their IT Equipment on a Regular Basis?

December 20, 2018

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Every business needs an update from time to time, and it’s not just about looking good. Technology changes at lightening speed and software updates alongside the increasing demands put on IT Equipment can mean it runs slower and slower causing frustration for staff, reductions in productivity and an inability to keep up with the competition.

Even old computers with weak CPU’s will be no match for the upcoming software, so an update of your equipment will be mandatory. Your employees will not make it up for the challenge when the workload grows, and the systems are running painfully slow, their output will be decreased and you will leave them feeling frustrated and unsatisfied.

So, below are some facts about buying new IT equipment for your business. It’s always best to have a plan in place so that you know what needs to be replaced when.

Talk to Your Employees

Your employees know the best when it comes to work environments – and they know what they need to do to transform the tasks into something less time-consuming. You, as a manager, will need to listen to them for their hardware and also software requirements. Some new tasks that appear in an office environment may require certain assets that your business may not have. This doesn’t mean you have to spend money on whatever your team ask for, but having a good understanding of their points of view will help in deciding what to replace when.

Hire an IT Consultant

Hiring a consultant to advise you in these matters is also a huge step in developing your business. He may advise you what equipment fits for your business according to the workflow, work environment and software you are using or about to use. Many companies tend to develop software of their own to cope with the workload; however, some choose to buy them – the result being that they’re not always compatible with the devices you’re using. This is where an IT Consultant can help.

Don’t Go Cheap

Whether you like it or not, going cheap on your equipment or trying to get another year’s worth of life out of a failing piece of kit will save you some money in the short term – but after a while, things will eventually break down beyond repair. Buying new equipment needs to be a combination of functionality, style and cost, just going for the cheapest option is often a recipe for disaster.

Benefits of Changing Your Equipment

There are tons of benefits upon buying new IT equipment for your business. Presenting a member of staff with a new laptop will help them to feel special and that their needs are important to you.

Productivity will also potentially increase with the help of your newly bought hardware and software.

When you do replace your IT Equipment, do make sure that staff are adequately trained in how to use it or you may have a different issue on your hands.

What to do with your old IT Kit

Using a specialist IT Recycling company (link to: https://www.recyclingyourit.co.uk/it-equipment-recycling/) will ensure that all of your old equipment, is re-used or recycled wherever possible. It is your responsibility to make sure that it is disposed of properly and that you have a paperwork trail to show what has happened to it.

Someone like Recycling Your IT, will take your old equipment away, break it down into component parts/materials that can be recycled and used in new equipment reducing the amount of waste going into landfill and helping you comply with your legal and moral responsibilities.