Why Office Equipment Disposal makes Good Sense

August 20, 2010

Nowadays almost every office, irrespective of its purpose, has electrical, electronic and stationery equipment that will become obsolete over time and require disposal. To ensure that such office equipment is disposed of appropriately, establishing a comprehensive disposal policy makes good sense. It will enable the employees to deal with the outdated equipment more effectively without wasting too much time and energy.

A disposal policy should clearly outline what needs to be done once any equipment reaches its “end of life” and by following such a disposal policy, an office can benefit in several ways. The space that you can obtain by getting rid of the old and faulty office equipment will help you to keep the office more organised. You could also make money by recycling or reusing some of the old office equipment, and in some cases by dismantling the equipment and selling the functional parts.

When you ensure appropriate disposal of the obsolete equipment, you become an environment-friendly organisation thus enhancing your reputation amongst consumers. This helps your business grow and in some cases can even save you from any possible legal actions by the authorities regarding polluting the environment.

An office equipment disposal policy will make everyone in your office morally aware of the responsibility each of them holds towards a clean and conducive environment, which also supports building unity amongst the employees. So a disposal policy is not only financially beneficial to your office but can also boost morale of the employees and makes your office a more comfortable place to work in.