Recycling your Office Equipment

April 8, 2010

When you take a look around your office or your home and your computer, fax and printer have become a little shabby looking, you may feel it is time to give your place a new look by swapping these items for more up to date models. You’ve probably had this equipment for years and although it works adequately, it may not be operating as efficiently as it should or maybe it simply no longer fits in with the decor.

So how are you going to dispose of the old stuff? Well there are a few options open to you here but all of them involve recycling one way or another. There are many people and establishments less fortunate than yourself who would be more than grateful to use older equipment as long, of course, as it is in safe working order. For example, charities and developing countries often reap the benefits of these goods when they are properly recycled.

If, however, the equipment in its existing state is not useable, it can be stripped down and certain components can be salvaged, reconditioned and incorporated into newly assembled pieces of equipment. With items which have completely passed their sell by date, the goods are turned back to raw materials which can be re-used for many things.

Each and every one of us has a responsibility to dispose of electrical goods in a secure way so don’t just tip it – find out about recycling it and allow the electrical items you don’t need any more to be put to the best possible use.