Recycle Vs Reuse

March 11, 2011

The recycling movement has gained popularity in recent times. This is wonderful news for the crusaders of recycling movement as there is far less e-waste hitting the landfills.

Recycling: Is There a Better Alternative to?

You upgraded your laptop recently and now have an old laptop lying around in your home. Now what will you do with the used laptop? Of course you can send it to recycling. But, there is another way to extend the use of your laptop.

Consider this: there are many charities and stores that take used gadgets. For a tech savvy person like you, the laptop might be outdated, but these charities can take the laptop, refurbish and give it to another person, who cannot afford to buy a new one. There are also many stores which take used laptops or mobile phones, refurbish and donate them to charities. Next time you have a used gadget at home, give it to recycling, if and only if it cannot be reused.

Why Reuse?

The process of recycling is a long one which includes item collection, dismantling and sorting raw material transport and containerization, raw material smelting, transportation of smelted material to producer, reproduction and transportation of the new item to the end user.

Compare that process to reuse which usually involves item collection, testing and refurbishment and transportation of the refurbished item to the final recipient.

Reusing a used item is more cost efficient and energy saving. So, when sending your used gadgets to recycling, please bear in mind that your trash can be someone’s treasure.