Old Computers are Toxic

October 1, 2010

Once a computer ceases to work it becomes nothing but a pile of toxic waste that is harmful to the environment and dangerous to people.  A computer constitutes of highly toxic substances such as dioxins, radioactive isotopes, lead, arsenic, and cadmium etc that can be released into the atmosphere and cause damage to the environment as well as human beings. Apart from this, the plastic and metal that form the major raw material of a computer also become harmful when left for extended periods together.

So, just letting old computers lie around in your garage is certainly not a wise thing to do. And if you approach any non-established recycling company which exports the computers to the developing countries in Africa or South America, you risk the children of such countries being exposed to the toxic waste during the recycle process of metal from extinct computers.

On the other hand if you plan to dump the old PC on a vacant land or bury it on any unused property, the toxins contained in the computers are sure to leak into the soil and air, thus causing serious environmental damage. We should therefore try our best to keep old computers out of landfills and waste incinerators to prevent serious hazards to the environment.

The most environmental friendly way to dispose off your old computer is by recycling it appropriately. Recycling Your IT provides an end-to-end eco-friendly recycling process for your old PCs and their peripherals. We strive and aim to dispose of your IT equipment and old computers in the safest possible way in order to avoid any sort of environmental damage.