Office recycling to reduce waste

September 17, 2010

‘Office waste’ generated in large quantities proves to be costly to the environment as well as to the business. The more waste you produce, the costlier are the means to get rid of it or to recycle it. Some basic schemes such as using two sides of a paper for printing, buying products with longer life span, and ordering goods in bulk to reduce the packaging materials if implemented in your office can control the waste accumulation.

In spite of conscious and effective measures taken to reduce waste, there is usually still a considerable amount generated in any office due to the nature of the work involved in running an office. Offices need to keep their electronic equipment up to date to keep up with the latest trends, so they create a lot of e-waste over the years.  Recycling is the next best thing to do which is beneficial to the environment and cost effective for the business.

Implementing an ‘Office paper recycling policy’ makes good sense and will emphasize the importance of recycling high grade white paper that is so abundantly used in offices.

There are some waste management companies functioning in and around UK that can offer you waste collection services for recycling.  For example ink cartridges can be refilled or recycled based on your convenience and the need of the hour.

When larger office equipment and machinery reaches its end of life, consider using a computer/electronic equipments recycling company. Recycling Your IT is a dedicated recycling company that takes care of most office equipment and IT waste in accordance with WEEE directives.